With respect to the query that I often make about three days of darkness, I will say that this prophecy is symbolic, it is referring to the three millennia that have passed since the birth of the Master Jesus until now.

Remember that in the Epistle of Peter in the Gospel says: "For God one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day."

As we are in the third millennium, and Jesus rose on the third day, which is expected to occur at this time is that there will be a resurrection of human consciousness and a collective rebirth, for which we shall live a great information desembalse very soon.

Not that by entering the Photon Belt of the Pleiades, or they could break an asteroid or planet in eccentric orbit in the solar system will occur three days physical eclipse.

And on 21 December 2.012 is not going to happen any more than the end of a cosmic cycle, because everything had to happen, and is happening and many people do not realize it.

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