This tenth solar disk that we will activate through the code solar matriz alignment, will take us to the soul star chakra and were synchronized with the planetary Christ Grid through activation of 144 points of light in our brain neural network.

That in turn, will be synchronized to the 144 points of light in their DNA, which were activated with the ninth solar disk.

This will allow their bodies, chakras and DNA are synchronized with Christ Grid staff and turn the planetary Christ Grid.

The Christ Grid personal and the planetary is a spherical shaped tissue, composed by 144 pentagons joined together by points of light.

These two grids and alignment remain in sync with the neural pathways in your brain and there, around the brain like tissue that connects and unifies his consciousness with the Christ consciousness planetary and solar.

In sacred geometry the planetary Christ Grid and staff relate to the dodecahedron, twelve-sided polyhedron that is part of the Platonic solids.

Well, the Christ Grid is similar to the dodecahedron, however has 144 sides or pentagons.

Slowly their bodies, minds and DNA have been expanding and will do even more!

Their bodies are ready! since solar discs were activating during the past nine months have enabled light receptacles in each of your chakras, also have pushed their cells to resonate at a frequency higher octave.

For as solar consciousness was installed through the activation of each solar disc, the cells began to expand and rotate in synchrony and harmony with the rotation of the planet, the solar system and the galaxy.

You gradually been synchronized with the solar pulse unified universe!

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