The discovery of planets formed in the early stages of the universe to reflect on the possibility that life has had a lot of time to evolve, probably leading to the development of advanced intelligent life than we can imagine.

The recent discovery of two radio astronomy extrasolar planets orbiting a star 12 thousand light years of earth formed in the early years of the universe trembles within exobiology.

These planets are called Methuselah or Genesis for their extreme longevity, having been born makes 12.4 billion (estimated that the universe is 13.7 billion years).

And although the composition of these exoplanets light metals appears to be precisely the same with which life has evolved on Earth, in any way suggests the possibility that life has had an enormous amount of time to evolve.

Astronomers did not believe a few years ago they were formed in stars as old planets in globular clusters of galaxies.

But the discovery of these planets in the constellation Scorpio, probably remnants of a galaxy that was cannibalized prior to the Milky Way, has changed the paradigm for the exploration of extraterrestrial life.

Also, last year discovered the presence of carbon in an old galaxy, which increases under our conception of biology, the possibility that life has evolved at the dawn of the universe.

We think that very possible that a civilization so ancient could have been destroyed, however, among the millions of ancestral planets must exist by simple statistical probability, it is also possible that at least some civilization escaped death has evolved to a level sumanente awareness high, similar to what is known as the deity.

The Hindu holy book Rig Veda says that the gods were not always gods but who achieved immortality and the divine quality through a mythical drink, Soma.

Perhaps the evolution, after all, no more than the path between the origin of matter and life to divinity, possibly a bow?

And that longevity, a time frame as wide, is precisely what allows for a higher consciousness.

We live in: our relatively low level of awareness is determined largely by the fact that die soon and we can not reach a level of experience that gives a wisdom beyond the impermanence and constant change.

Our life is a blink in the face of the Earth.

If consciousness and memory tuviermos continuous eons of planetary cycles and even galactic cosmic vision would surely much more developed and thus would pose changes in our body could operate at will on our mind and body and penetrate the secrets of the universe .

It is plausible then that would develop an interest in creating and shepherding new worlds as the world itself would have reached a sort of homeostasis, of resolano in the quasi-eternity.

So back to the popular theory of ancient astronauts, the theme of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and Ridley Scott's new film, Prometheus.

And while this at first sounds like a science fiction desforada proposal, including a strict rational framework supports this argument prolijamante.

Which we can compare with the reductionist version of that intelligent life must exist in the universe because, if any, and we have contacted or have picked up a transmission.

Is not it more logical to think that an advanced alien race would go unnoticed to us, just like an anemone or bacteria are not aware of the existence of man?

Or as H.G. Wells "perhaps are vast, cold and indifferent."

In a rare interview on the subject of his film: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick explained:

Think of a lifestyle that has evolved into one of these planets for hundreds of thousands of years and think, also, what kind of technological advances has made relatively large man in 6000 years of recorded civilization, a period that is less than a single grain of sand in a sand cosmic clock.

While the distant ancestors of man began to leave the primordial sea, and there must have been civilizations in the universe sending their spaceships to explore the farthest reaches of the cosmos and conquering the secrets of nature.

Such cosmic intelligences, growing in knowledge for eons, man would be so distant as we are of the ants.

They could be in instantaneous telepathic communication throughout the universe, could have achieved total mastery over matter and thus could be transported instantly across billions of light years of space, in its last phase could leave the physical form and exist as disembodied immortal consciousness throughout the universe.

Once you start to discuss the possibilities, you realize that the religious implications are inevitable, because all the essential attributes of such extraterrestrial intelligences are attributes we give to God.

With what we are really dealing with here is the scientific definition of God.

And if these beings of pure intelligence ever involved with the affairs of man, his powers would be so remote from our understanding.

As you will see an ant's foot that crushes his anthill how the action of a superior on an evolutionary scale?

Or how the divine and terrible intercession of God?.

Playing with the words of Arthur C. Clarke, "A sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", we mean a sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial civilization would be indistinguishable from the divine.

At least to the extent that man does not acquire a consciousness similar to that alien civilization in what is not awake to their own divinity.

We conjecture that a higher consciousness (which in turn can be multiple and intangible) could be affecting the course of our own evolution, from feeding on us to provide an array of reality designed to test ourselves in a cosmic game whose fate is questioned convertirno in them, the gods of antiquity.

And so continue the life cycle of creating new worlds.

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