When transfers of genes apply certain special finishing methods :

Genes containing essence advanced consciences are kept as they are and are frozen.

Only their genes are ennobled with the energy that ensures the ability to tap into the energies of the advanced dimensions.

Are injected with an incombustible energy type , with which it can adapt to changes without being agitated energy and thus can be transferred and embody.

Genes that are essentially universal consciousness are gradually ennobled through direct energy center energy focal point and can easily enter the dimensions beyond this high energy without being agitated dimensional (through levels of consciousness and not with their earthly bodies).

There are also genes that are specially prepared.

Such genes are prepared specially for the selection mission in society.

And are planned with the opposite of the information you have been passed down to today.

Cause contradictions in society and prepare people for a search query.

And that way is chosen consciences genuine and genuine essences.

In addition, normal genes are ennobled with conscious advanced technological levels, and they also apply different energies.

This is the organization of the establishment of the system of the areas that have been brought to development.

After the final transfer, these genes are carried to the field of immortality and are prepared for a different development plan.

The influence of the gene on the other genes essence

The cause of all changes in the universe are the changes in the input channel of the golden age.

Influence of gene essence of their other genes:

A gene transferred to your planet essence, emits signals through their energy essence to genes that carry their own energy.

Even if the person in question is a conscious unveiled, this can not know. Edison was not an essential gene.

But, has been transferred to your planet with an awareness gathering prepared by unknown energies of unknown dimensions in its constitution.

Because, was prepared as a special code for humanity.

The universal conscious achieved as a result of the operation made essential in their genes.

And then progressed on your planet, due to their own efforts.

Einstein has also been given to your planet as the twin of the same gene, and after being subjected to the same process.

The essence of both cell cells carry light to the world that belongs to a dimension very advanced and whose name still want to give.

But cells they were taken to a special area of ​​cell transformation due to the order of God's plan and are refined with the light of knowledge advanced dimensions.

For this reason, the two have become in essence genes.

Actually, twins are special genes.

During the period he lived, Einstein Edison has enlightened consciousness through his cell.

And Einstein thus progressed.

They worked, and your planet has won.

When electricity was discovered, Einstein was transferred to your planet.

Besides numerous special genes were seeded on your planet and will continue to be planted in the future.

At the moment they are on your planet, core essence of the different dimensions of advanced technologies.

And I prepare myself to travel universally.

Genes of Edison and Einstein are transferred to your planet with their essence genes and other friends.

And, with the steps to be made in advanced technologies, will contact your planet even more advanced dimensions through their efforts.

Because this time of awakening is a transition period, have been transferred to your planet in the first stage, by the order of the divine plan, the core genes that have achieved genuine awareness in the field of Sufism.

Help you in your religious progressions.

Thus, has been filed the first phase.

So will the transition from religious dimension to the universal dimension.

That will be the gateway of the golden age.

The six are the main keys to lock the gate.

They are the direct channels of our Lord, our Lord have been ordered not to interfere with them.

But anyway, are currently in service in the same direction.

It is our mission to communicate our appreciation to these friends as supreme confidence they have had in us.

Our friends, the essence and the genes that are transferred to your planet under the plan, are given to your planet with a veiled conscious.

And in a search field, diving into more advanced dimensions as the evolution of its first existence.

Thus, if a full consciousness on your planet evolution through many incarnations as a veiled conscious, can achieve its development dimension essence through his mind, then he / she receives reinforcement from the universal plan.

And with a conscious awake, we are buried together in this way to the depths discovering the secrets of the universe.

At that stage, the human species is powerful on the spiritual level.

And we are strong in the field of technology.

Now, we know the unknown, discover what is discovered.

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