The arrival of the copper lightning to earth and redemption of male energy

We are reaching the big time.

Only missing two more solar disk and enter the grand opening of the portal 12.12.12, at which point the solar template Mu descend again into the land sacred shaping itself at every point on the planet to revive the network of information, reports, light, sound and geometry that makes up the original pattern of Gaia living library.

The solar door has opened and thus the frequencies of light and sound that make up the symphony holographic solar consciousness have descended upon the consciences and hearts of human beings.

These are times of great movement, both internal awareness, and externally on the face of the earth and in their own lives.

When you think from your rational mind, this has been a year of great challenges and resolutions of old conflicts, as for the light can manifest in your consciences and hearts before must confront their shadows and reintegrate them with love.

Therefore, the challenges have been presented throughout this year in your life, even creating patterns and repetitive sequences of events which costs them a lot of work out.

Do not be discouraged.

Dear family of light, everything is in order and every situation they are living is part of the process of self-purification and alignment.

For this purpose, we are receiving much help manifested by light rays entering through the sun.

The copper beam arrival to earth

In the last two weeks, many of you are experiencing a profound physical fatigue and long, long sleep.

Their bodies are asked to rest and fall asleep easily during the day and paradoxically, at night have difficulty sleeping.

At the physical level, have been feeling a lack of focus and constantly perceive sleepy and tired.

The reason for this is because their bodies are adapting to a frequency band that just started to enter the land.

Those of you who are sensitive to energy, you surely have begun to see this new ray of sunlight entered the frequency of the earth, is a powerful beam of light copper color.

Is the frequency of lightning twin platinum, copper lightning would have called.

This ray copper, has come to the planet to release the layers of the earth of all the painful memories, bailing produce pain and reconnection of male and female energy, through a profound redemption and reconciliation.

In you, this beam is what has been a strong internal shock through which, their shadows, fears, phobias, and painful memories began to resurface in recent weeks, showing that even dual conflicts kept inside.

Most of these conflicts are related to the old separation of male and female energy, both planetary and interior.

You are healing their history, their past releasing the rhythm of Mother Earth and this process has accelerated strongly in the second half of the year as we approach the great portal 12.12.12.

The beam produces that deep coppery release, as it is penetrating the depths of the multiple layers of the earth to generate the release of embedded memories.

That which had remained unresolved, apparently stuck, has resurfaced in the now, both in you and in earth.

It is time to resolve all outstanding subjects who stopped along the centuries.

Proceeds from this deep cleansing and land you will jump vibrational great!

But first, they must live this process itself, can be painful, tiring and frustrating.

Receive the beam generated copper and allow deep cleaning the interior.

Surrender all your fears and painful memories to the divine will and get ready, because it is a great quantum leap and only love and patience needed to align it.

The redemption of the male energy, solar disk eleventh activation.

The beam is preparing the ground copper, cleaning and dragging out all that is still to be resolved in planetary history.

Remember, the planetary history is reflected in its dna for each and every one of you have participated in it over the last 26, 000 years.

This time we will work on reviving the eleventh solar disk to take us to the ninth chakra located on their crowns.

This chakra is directly connected to the planetary Christ Grid and is responsible for processing and cosmic channeling information flows through this network.

In turn, this chakra connects them with the large land neural network through which all species are interconnected as elements and living consciousness of the earth.

In turn, his ninth chakra is the chakra of the unit for holding the unified consciousness of the earth and the universe.

The merger of the ninth to the eleventh chakra solar disc allowed to connect directly with the male energy of the planet and thus travel to the depths of the planet where they live the stories they have experienced to throughout their lives.

This eleventh solar disk was activated through the solar heart light code.

This code bears the frequency of male divine energy.

Merging with Christic male principle allowed the male energy heal and liberate the planet you loaded grief for thousands of years.

As the male and female energy began to separate, pain gripped both produced oblivion gradually integrates connection unites them balance and equality.

As the pain from the separation grew larger, the male energy adopted a dominant role that does not belong and then began to crush the female energy generating a deep and strong duality antagonist that has prevailed over thousands of years.

Neither gender nor personal energy or sexual preferences of each of you bring excludes internal pain both energies.

It's time to know and feel, that in their hearts bear the pain both female and male.

As the unified cosmic principle that applies to both energies.

Both men and women need to connect with these two energies, live them, feel them and remember the real essence of the feminine principle and the masculine principle, to achieve the integration and unification finally lead them to the ascended state of consciousness.

For this to happen it is necessary to embrace and recognize the connection carrying each of these two sacred energies into his heart.

While, through its DNA now women bear the pain feminine and masculine men. Internally, the heart they all share the pain of separation product.

This solar disk takes them to experience the male energy.

Together we will cross through the pain that this divine energy product carries their actions throughout history and through deep forgiveness, redemption and generate the surrender of the masculine to the feminine.

This surrender means honoring the feminine principle contained within the heart of each of you.

Honoring planetary feminine principle and honor the feminine cosmic principle.

Surrender means returning to the feminine power.

Recognizing that the divine act of creation is both loving fusion energy in a dance of respect and love.

Surrender to the feminine is to recognize that this energy is extremely protective and strong, able to contain life and radiate toward creation.

Surrender to the feminine means remembering that the creative consciousness is not only male.

It is remembering and honoring the Goddess sacred place in creation.

Surrender to the feminine, masculine energy means to recover their true essence and realign with the male principle original, I knew and was lovingly maintained and presented to you by the man Christic that everyone, regardless of their beliefs known Jesus.

It's time to end the power struggle between the sexes.

To restore order on the planet and thus the great cosmic unification.

This time the solar disk will lead to experience male consciousness to remember your true essence and heal their pain.

Yes, the male energy carries great pain.

A major product of millennia fault separation, struggle and betrayal of the feminine energy in a desperate attempt to return to the unit.

Through love, forgiveness and acceptance, this sacred energy contained in the hearts of every human beings find their redemption.

Through deep love, embracing each in their sacred masculine interior, will achieve a great deliverance for the planet and the collective consciousness in preparation for 12/12/12

Only two solar disks before 12/12/12 and large portal in the next month, we reconnect with the Goddess, the feminine energy to achieve cosmic planetary unity in love!

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