Connecting with the Goddess and life Tears of feminine energy

We reached the twelfth solar disk and reactivate the template next month solar MU!

The Sun Disc and Solar Squad MU

Throughout this year, we were activating the Sun Discs residing within our chakras and they are small pockets of light that remain in sync with the Central Sun and the Planetary Christ Grid.

These Sun Discs turn remain in sync with the Planetary Sun Discs, those who were sheltered on the planet since the Lemurian epoch being known the Sun Disc of Lake Titicaca, other groups have been responsible for the work of Activation Planetary Sun Discs, infinite gratitude to each of them!

 The work we have been doing a monthly, has enabled the internal Sun Discs in every being that has resonated with this work.

When resuming the Sun Disc was launched energy flow in the UM Solar Squad.

This wonderful template is a circuit of energy and information flowing into the Planetary Christ Grid and in turn flows into the Christ Grid staff in each of you.

Once reactivated, memories are reactivated, bright light and information that will allow the Living Library GAIA reactivate it again.

This Way of Enabling Sun Discs Lemurian epoch was in an initiatory path.

Through which Lemurian priestesses and priests were educated and connected to the Living Library and the language of the Elements and Elementals Planet.

In turn, they were instructed in the sacred teachings of the connection with the Goddess and the Life.

Today, we have lived in each activation every step of this journey of initiation and surely something has changed in us!

Beloved Family of Light together we are living in times of great planetary motion.

Around the Metro Water has set in motion in the previous days, generating a great inner sense of sadness and nostalgia in you.

What is happening to the Earth?

Because its waters have been moving right now?

Well, the female energy is going through an intense process of liberation and purification, as the male energy has restored its power and has surrendered to His Love, dissolving centuries of separation, antagonism and resentment.

Water is the element that represents the universal flow and the cosmic ocean of life and it is this sacred element which produces the internal and external purification into Being

Also, the water is what seeds need to flourish, is the food of life which together with Solar energy allow seeds flourish.

Beloved Family of Light Garden of the Goddess is blooming again, but for this to happen must happen first great emotional and mental purification in the Water Planet and is assisting this process.

It is no coincidence that a female named hurricane has been a major mobilization in one of the cities on the planet that has witnessed the imbalance of male energy, for so many years and through events that really have marked the collective consciousness of Humanity .

Nothing happens by chance.

Mother Earth really knows his stuff and is living his ascension process consciously.

There is no punishment in anything she creates.

Simply, Mother Earth this reflejándole to each of you what is happening inside every human heart.

Widespread rains across the planet created a space through which purify and release emotions GAIA contained for centuries within the heart of the feminine energy planetary once offered his masculine energy Love, respect and surrendered to the feminine energy like a lover who could not do anything but surrender to her Beloved.

Tears of the Goddess spilled before this surrender Amorosa and through her tears collective forgiveness manifested in Love

The Goddess is ready to manifest itself again in human hearts and in that act, a large release occur deep within each one of those who receive him. This event will remember, feel and understand that the Divine Consciousness, that to which God called for so many millennia is also a woman and in essence, that the absence of the feminine in their consciences and hearts was the cause of deep pain that you charged for long.

 Reconnecting with the Goddess

For several millennia all humanity forgot the Goddess. 

The feminine aspect of the Creator Source.

In that event, Divinity transformed into a lonely man. 

Every religion honoring Planet Divinity from the male and gradually the feminine essence of creation was condemned to oblivion.

Product of that failure are many stories told about the feminine energy making him the cause of sin and damnation. 

This act, which at the time may have seemed simple, caused solely by political and social interests, was a major split in emotional and psychological Earth.

To forget the Goddess Humanity buried his own creative ability and creative, for this act caused the separation and disconnection inner collective heart.

Beloved Family of Light, if you want to really empower themselves and understand His divine essence, have to first understand the female energy, embrace it and love it, because the path to enlightenment is through the union of all its aspects and You, men as women carry the feminine energy of the Goddess in the heart.

Over the past millennia, humanity has endeavored to understand life and its mysteries.

He has endeavored to understand Divinity explorándole only through masculine appearance.

Embody and can hardly understand anything by halves.

As was relegated female energy and the concept of male divinity increasingly crystallized in the collective consciousness, you lost your power.

Even the teachings of our beloved Yeshua, whom you know as the Master Jesus, were distorted and distorted.

Our teachings always honored the Goddess, to the union of both aspects, Sacred Sexuality and Love

One lonely man that transformed the Divinity, those acts of celibacy and chastity, that way of demystifying the woman making it the source of all wickedness and sin, finished complete disconnection of humans to the Christ Grid and thus centuries of duality and suffering.

It is time to return to home and realize that the creative consciousness is feminine and masculine.

That both aspects are merged as one in balance and equality.

That way, you can reconnect and fully embody divine creativity, allowing them to recover their power and spiritual autonomy.

The Goddess is present in everything around them. 

Gaia has embodied the very well throughout history.

To understand the Goddess, look to nature.

Connect and feel the energy of the flowers, trees, plants, water.

Hagan deep silence allowing the Goddess perch on your heart and show them the true nature of unconditional love and compassion.

The Goddess is the mantle that sustains life. It is the divine aspect that receives the seed and gives life and form.

The Goddess energy contained in the feminine principle is infinitely conciliatory, loving and protective.

That energy is represented in the image of Mother Mary holding the child in his arms.

Because the mantle of the Goddess is the stellar mantle holding the galaxy in his belly. That's his nature.

And in that act Goddess, has unlimited strength whose base is Love That maternal strength gives you the power to give life.

Holding in her womb from the smallest flower to the most immense galaxy.

The Goddess is in every breath and every drop of water. In each and every Star Planet.

The Goddess is present in every cell of your body and invisible light that surrounds them.

The Goddess is the field on which all seeds germinate.

The male energy is information.

Seed is carrying a map of everything that has come to life in the vastness.

Is creative thinking.

But nevertheless, the Goddess is the uterus, is the Holy Grail whose body receives the seed and nurtures his love.

Beloved Family of Light, you must retrieve the Goddess in you to understand the creation and become creators.

Embracing the feminine principle in domestic unit, allowing you to reconnect with the male principle find a way to freedom and reconciliation with all you are.

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