We have reached the thirteenth Sun Disc and Solar Template Activation of MU! which will take place through the Code of Light and solar ANCHORAGE Table of Helios.

No doubt this has been a busy year working through the pipeline and connection to personal Sun Discs.

Month after month went reconnecting with various aspects of our consciousness and our chakras we reconnect with the energies and teachings of the elements.

The purpose of all this work has been to reconnect with our original template as stewards of the Earth and the revival of our bodies as living libraries true Light.

Reviving the Living Library of Light on Earth and in us, is the purpose of the Enabling UM Solar Squad and reconnecting with the Planetary Sun Discs.

Table of Helios was received in January, however, I received instruction through the Masters of not disclosing until the time came the 12/12/12 Portal.

ANCHORAGE Light Code SOLAR was received at the Beach Pardelas, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina, the same day that the channel information of MU Solar Squad (27 November 2011) in the same way I was asked to reveal what until now Portal prior to 12/12/12.

This time education and information contained in this channeling comes directly from the Masters of the Solar Council, especially the Master Sanat Kumara who talked us through this pipeline, accompanied by Master Teacher Mary Magdalene and Jesus and finally the Information Table of Helios is radiated from the heart of the Elohim Helios and Vesta, guardians of our sun and solar system.

The UM Solar Squad and Activating Personal Sun Discs

Beloved Family of Light, we are a few days from now, perhaps most anticipated of the year. No doubt this solar cycle has brought great learning, growth and expansion within your own consciousness. No doubt you and the entire planet are before the doors of the cyclical renewal of consciousness and planetary frequency.

Undoubtedly, these are times of change and intense transformations.

I have felt? They have felt the magic that permeates every breath with every day?

They are truly special time, because you have wanted them to be.

And so it is. So live it because you believe so from his heart in connection with the Infinite. You, yes, you have created this process and choose how to live it every day!

Approaching the arrival of 12.12.12 Portal and thus the peak power of the year.

The SOL photonic light waves radiating boost the activation of the template MU Solar through solar irradiation loaded frequency of new encodings vibratory energy of a very high level.

This will facilitate the awakening of the template UM Solar on Earth and in their bodies.

This activation has allowed every month you were preparing your body for the reception of his staff UM Solar Squad and as this happened, their bodies were reconnecting with Template Solar Planetary MU.

Each of you carries within its own personnel Christ Grid, a fractal template UM Solar Sun Discs Planetary and personal connect with Planetary Sun Discs.

Their energy bodies are made in the image and likeness of the Earth's energy body, therefore, are simultaneous activations.

The UM Solar Squad and Planetary Sun Discs are intimately connected.

Upon reactivation UM Solar Squad in their bodies reconectivo You will receive a powerful impetus to facilitate the activation of your DNA and consciousness and reconnection with their memories and the wisdom of your inner Master.

Upon reactivation of MU SOLAR Template, GAIA kundalini energy will be released throughout the Metro driven from the heart of the earth, like a cosmic orgasm in which GAIA joins the SOL.

And it will be from currently held in each energy point or center of the planet, as are ancient shrines, pyramids and energy centers like Stonehenge or Machu Picchu.

Activation of the Solar Disk Thirteenth: ANCHOR CODE AND SOLAR COSMIC FLOWER

Family Luminous and radiant, I greet you from the infinite space of my heart by sending a beam of light into our hearts, recognizing inner beauty in everyone that is reading this in the eternal now.

It is time to remember its essence Galactic through its memory reactivation Lemurian. Now is the time when the UM Solar Template again flow through their hearts giving them the opportunity to stay in a deep connection with life and transform their bodies and DNA than they really are: bright living libraries of information and wisdom .

We have waited thousands of years for this game.

Their souls recognize it, why you are here and now, dancing in the eternal present with us.

We honor this meeting which is eternal and has long decreed in the higher realms of consciousness.

12/12/12 This Portal will hold the total recovery of UM Solar Squad and its corresponding anchor and alignment with personal Sun Discs are activated throughout the year.

This will allow you to reconnect with a very deep part of their essence and remember its cosmic origin as your DNA is reactivated in recognition of these frequencies coming from the Sun Coded

Your cells Solar resonating with each particle that touches have been releasing the memories of pain, density and fear that accumulated over many centuries of experience in duality.

The sun is the detonator of this Earth and Planetary Awakening receives its energies in deep love and appreciation.

This activation of the UM Solar Squad in their bodies and the planet will take place through three phases.

The first phase will SOLAR Galactic alignment of chakras.

The second phase will be the thirteenth Enabling Solar Disco

The third phase will be the revival of alignment and Solar Squad MU through the connection with Table of Helios.

Phase One: Solar Galactic Alignment of Chakras

Within the interdimensional Light Template that has been turning over the years (as the Earth entering the Photon Band), you received the revival of its system of 18 energy centers or chakras.

Of which 13 are major and have the ability to alinearles with states of consciousness and with different soles Galactic. And 5 more that are secondary and have the ability to act as a mirror of the upper chakras, allowing anchor galactic consciousness that is received through them and take it to clear and conscious understanding.

Of these 18 Chakras 10 are outside the body (expanded up and down) and 8 within which are the seven chakras and the thymus gland.

There is an alignment between your chakras and Galactic Suns, as they are coded to resonate in sync.

This alignment occurs every time you made the conscious connection with your higher chakras.

It happens as follows:

Earth Star Chakra, alignment with Crystal Heart GAIA. Portal connection with all Suns.

Heart Chakra, alignment with the sun of this solar system. Portal connection with Christ Consciousness

Soul Star Chakra (Chakra 8vo.), alignment with the sun Sirius. Portal connection with Christic Wisdom and Cetacean Consciousness.

Ninth Chakra, alignment with the Central Sun of Pleiades, ALCYON. Portal connection information and Crystalline Consciousness

Tenth, Twelfth and Thirteenth Chakras, Alignment with the Great Central Sun. Portal connection with the Infinite, unity and wholeness.

This alignment will live GAIA Solar Cosmic and each of you from this time. Also, this alignment is the basis of receipt and activation of MU Solar Squad.

Phase Two: Activating the thirteenth Sun Disc. Cosmic Flower Codes

This time activate thirteenth and final Solar Disco staff through the energies radiated by the Code of Light Cosmic Flower.

This Solar Disc was activated simultaneously in its eleventh and twelfth chakra, ending full activation of the upper chakras.

The energies of the Sun Disc representing reconnecting with them all and let you sync your consciousness with the Consciousness SOLAR radiated from the Great Central Sun.

Cosmic Flower represents the rebirth of the beeing.

And in shape symbolizes a human with open arms as a chalice for the light of life eternal.

You and GAIA through this rebirth cosmic flowers developing into full beauty radiating into the Universe.

Phase three, SOLAR Template Activation of MU through SOLAR ANCHORAGE Code and Table of Helios.

In this third phase, the code will ANCHORAGE SOLAR Light.

This code will create in their bodies Light a pillar of unification and reconnection with Solar Consciousness.

In turn generate opening their Sun Discs reactivating them receptive capacity.

Your Personal Sun Discs are like little light receivers, capable of storing and decoding information.

ANCHORAGE SOLAR cast off this receptive capacity and through the connection and SOLAR Galactic alignment that had previously done, their bodies were activated for the entire MU SOLAR template.

Subsequently Table of Helios will work to reactivate the 144 pentagons Light of Christ Grid.

The 144 Points of Light in the neural network and the 144 Points of Light in their DNA thereby, UM SOLAR Template reactivated.

Table of Helios

Helios and Vesta Pipeline

Table of Helios is the Pillar Template Anchor SOLAR MU.

Codes are coming from 144 different e intraterrestrial galactic civilizations.

Its mission is to enable holographic patterns at multidimensional consciousness, allowing the DNA to recognize your galactic origin and within each filament revive memories of Being more elevated

The Helios table contains all the elements. Air, Fire, Water, Earth and even the elements of the periodic table, because each of the Codes contains information holographic patterns on Earth.

Its stated mission is Helios Table of reconnecting the Self

Always respecting the honor and personal freewill each One

Table of Helios reconnects in DNA and interdimensional galactic filaments, allowing recognize yourself as a Galactic Being of Light.

In turn, is the recipient of the Workforce Pilar SOLAR MU, triggering a holographic matrix in the body of Light.

Table of Helios you reconnect with your Divine origin and Galactic.

Open the doors of awareness and reconnects you with the Planetary Sun Discs.

Within the Table of Helios is the language of the lineage of 12 galactic cosmic races different. Those races that contributed to the channeling of cosmic information to Earth.

On Earth, plants, crystals, flowers, stones and trees are connected with different galactic worlds. Even the elements of the periodic table have a multidimensional connection with the stars and planets.

Water is the only element that is totally original GAIA and contains the memories of integrity of the Earth since creation.

These reports are stored in Antarctica, in the great solar disk is protected in its ice.

These reports are ready to awaken. It is time for each of you remember their origin and the way they have come so far.

We are living through the third period Galactic Light.

The land had already lived two steps through the night, however, this is the most intense period, most interesting and which are inmiscuidas all civilizations that have accompanied so far.

We, the Elohim Helios and Vesta. We are the custodians of the great library guardians GAIA, its sun and the solar system.

Within our bodies full of Love, Life is sustained on the Planet. We guide and safeguard the Elementals and elements of both the Earth and the entire solar system and in these times we have to release information that will allow the library to reconnect with the great galactic information neural network.

As part of this activation is the reactivation of Planetary Sun Discs, work that many groups of Light have made over the years, as well as the work of reviving her Personal Sun Discs.

Both missions are connected and its completion will be next February, before the spring equinox (northern) and autumn (south) when the end of Antarctic total reconnection Sun Discs with Personal Planetariums.

In this third phase of activation, Table of HELIOS reconnect them through their Sun Discs with UM SOLAR Template reactivating completely.

And finish with the connection through Planetary Kundalini Energy!

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