No, not misread.

Outside air and still cameras on, the Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, his guard down after an interview with five Russian television channels and did not realize the cameras were recording.

One of the reporters asked if the president gave secret files of aliens to receive the case needed to activate the Russian nuclear arsenal.

"Along with the briefcase with the nuclear codes, the country's president is given a folder 'top secret' special.

This folder contains entirely about aliens visiting our planet, "Mr. Medvedev said playfully. '

Along with this, he provides a Secret Service special report that exercises control over the aliens in our territory ... more detailed information on this topic can be obtained from a well known film called 'Men in Black' ...

I will not say how many of them are among us, as it can cause panic, "said the Prime Minister.

None of the television stations that broadcast Medvedev interviewed outside antenna observations, but were given to Reuters as a sign of mistake (or more colloquially piscinazo) and some were shown on YouTube.

Beyond the tabloid treatment that some media gave this news, the little joke or neglect Medvedev is more than interesting.

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