At nine o'clock, Washington time, with a few minutes late, began hearing the first five to be held in the lounge of the National Press Club in Washington organized by the Citizen Hearing Foundation in order to disseminate and raise awareness public of the presence of aliens among humans.

At the presentation ceremony Stephen Bassett, executive producer for Disclosure Citizen Hearing insisted that there is interaction between the human race and aliens and the need for both journalists and politicians take note of the evidence presented during these days are inviting not only to inform but to investigate because "we are not alone."

After the opening remarks was passed to the swearing in of the first witnesses who composed the first panel: Donald R. Schmitt, researcher and writer, Grant Cameron, researcher and lecturer, Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist, Canadian author and professor Linda Moulton Howe, researcher, writer and director of television.

This first panel of witnesses consisted mainly of increasing introduction starting in the thousands of UFO sightings around the world produced for decades to the hiding of the phenomenon by top government and security agencies, through lack interest of the media and scientists in general for fear of deliberately spread fear of ridicule and professional reprisals.

Throughout history there has been alien contact Rosswel but since the accident in 1947, in which an alien spacecraft crashed near Corona, New Mexico and you get the remains and dead bodies, and had direct contact with one or a few survivors, the phenomenon was evident but the U.S. government began to practice a reaching secrecy deny and hide evidence to this day through the manipulation and control of information, the threat and fear.

Meanwhile UFO sightings by citizens as well as military and civilian pilots in flight, radar contacts, etc.. repeated by hundreds and thousands across U.S. geography and the world.

The first part of the hearing, before lunch, was mainly dedicated to the presentation and the enumeration of the characteristics of the phenomenon for five days will constitute the focus of discussion and testimony: extraterrestrial evidence and concealment.

The afternoon session, which began on the two late-ET-American broke the calm illustrative of the previous session turning the audience on a surprising and interesting revelations forum and high-level statements that captivated the attention of attendees and viewers throughout its duration, by attorney Daniel Sheehan.

Researcher and lecturer Grant Cameron, Antonio Huneeus (scientist and researcher Journalist Chilean-American), Dr. Steven M. Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and Stephen Bassett, executive coordinator of the event being held.

The afternoon session was largely focused on the elucidation of the "Rockefeller Initiative". In the known historical billionaires Rockefeller family, hard and bitterly criticized the world, however noted for his philanthropy, training and interest in extraterrestrial disclosure, Laurance Spelman Rockefeller, who died at age 94 in July 2.004, interested in aviation, ecology and the environment.

The speakers and panelists revealed matinee economic aid and performances at the highest level U.S. politician Laurance Rockefeller in order that successive administrations in the White House made public the extraterrestrial presence among humans and declassified secret material related with the subject of UFOs and aliens. 

Although he himself, with all his power and money, died without seeing it accomplished.

There were serious revelations sparked the greatest interest of the spectators as attorney Daniel Sheehan, who made public information concerning the shipment of 40 pounds of plutonium to Israel that country in turn is sent to the Shah of Persia to manufacture nuclear bombs . 

The smuggling of opium in Southeast Asia, weapons, cocaine, etc ... Operations all controlled by the CIA. These revelations were made by trying to illustrate the fact that there is a certain level of security to that or congressmen, senators and even the president of the U.S. government gain access. 

A series of "black projects" funded by the U.S. administration but not subject to any controls and manages trillion. 

Dr. Steven M. Greer revealed that the day before the attack of September 11 2.001 was an American general statements about these huge funds of money outside any government control.

Later told panelists that by Laurance Rockefeller authentic pressures (which their sons and brothers do not look at anything), ready to use all his power, Bill Clinton was about to declassify all UFO material, but suddenly a huge campaign against the initiative was activated by dipping into oblivion, and that something similar happened with Barack Obama who also may have been intended for the president to make public the alien presence but a few months before coming to power unleashed a tremendous financial meltdown that has brought down Rockefeller initiative also abandoned.

There extraterrestrial contact with humans but it is shielded by the military industrial complex and financially linked to oil, gas and coal. 

This resort has absolute control of the contact and technology benefits provided by these beings hiding "by military" the public and the scientific, technology that integrates free energy sources that would give a twist to the current energy scenario based on oil gas and coal sectors that resort to the shadow that dominates the world refuses to transform. 

According to Dr. Steven M. Greer has this elite ships moving through anti gravitational propulsion as high technological level that can lead to extraterrestrial beings "at home".

At one point in the session it became clear the need to grab the extraterrestrial contact that financial-military elite and organize a meeting between aliens and representatives of the people. 

Although it was evident the reality of the difficult task, the more dangerous by the elitist complex opposition by the contact itself.

Linda Moulton Howe, illustrated the enormous psychic and technological distance between these alien beings and human beings can be considered as a baby by her side. And that government paternalism hiding this reality to the population would eventually lead to the collapse of society.

Stephen Bassett, executive producer of the event invited the journalist to investigate these matters of serious concern and Dr. Steven M. Greer contributed a CIA document which evidenced that all media are controlled by the elite in the shade. 

From the statement it appeared that neither the CIA director or the president of the U.S. government itself have access to information and much less control over the alien theme, while the elite monopolized by this complex is above them and extends its network domain to all sectors of society, science and the economy.

Stephen Bassett in conclusion of the afternoon session of the first day of the Citizen Hearing disclose the extraterrestrial presence to the people, said: "you see things that are not there such as weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and not see where they do exist and the interaction between humans alien presence.

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