Really the story of this crystal is fascinating.

First we will discuss their origin.

Moldavite is a natural glass dating from about fifteen million years.

As they say, is the most rare and scarce mineral on earth, also the driest, has a very peculiar greenish.

Its origin comes from impacting meteorites that land merged with terrestrial minerals, so that originated under conditions of extreme pressure and temperature.

According to another theory, the moldavite was brought by "visitors" from outside, there is no evidence that I know this, but the fact that it was a very important crystal in Egypt.

Its name comes from the first place where it was found, Moldova, north of Prague (Czech Republic), but has also appeared in Thailand, China, Venezuela, Australia, so has other names like Australita, Tektite Vietnam ...

It is the only source material "means" alien who has the gem quality, so it can be carved shaping.

Traditionally, Moldavite has been considered a kind of spiritual charm.

Gave him great powers and was considered a sacred crystal. Venerated Tibetans placing on their heads.

They attributed an extraterrestrial origin, namely Orion.

Interestingly in Egypt was found in the pyramids, we know the connection of the pyramids with Orion, so this fits with the Tibetan traditions.

In Egypt it was known as the "Stone of Ra" and is said to Esmeraldas Tables of Hermes (Thoth) were actually moldavite.

In fact, moldavite has also been known as "La Esmeralda fall from heaven."

Also be aware that the Holy Grail was not gold, but it was made from a green gem that fell from Lucifer's crown when he descended from heaven to hell, driven by the force of the sword of the Archangel Michael.

Also it is related to ancient Atlantis and the Kingdom of Shambhala.

No, but when the traditions say certain things, it is usually for something.

Why is the moldavite important?

Apparently Moldavite vibrations help open the chakras, especially from the heart chakra (Anahata) to seventh (Sahasrara), so it can stimulate the kundalini.

It is said that one should use it to vibrate at a high frequency, so only one will be able to benefit from its power.

It also says that absorbs energy from higher sources.

In any case there is no doubt that it is really special item.

If you want to do with a piece, eye to counterfeiting, that there and many.

Do not buy some in places where you can certify their origin.

It is an expensive material to be pretty lame and not that plan over the money, you are delivering green glass.

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